19th July

Special announcement

In 2011 I formed the Tenyokai International as the first ever westerner to receive the Menkyo Kaiden and Isshi Soden for the inheritance of Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Japan, through the late Kubota Toshihiro.

I was given the remit to spread the true and correct Tenjin Shinyo Ryu throughout the international community.
The Menkyo Kaiden in Kobudo is the highest technical licence one can receive and as the Shike, inheritor and leader of a Kobudo Ryugi I have formed a new tradition. I do not hold the belief of primogeniture and all people worthy of such a licence can now attain this level within the Tenyokai International.
Therefore I am announcing that Lee Masters, due to his dedication and the level of skill he has demonstrated has been awarded the Menkyo Kaiden. This licence confirms he has been transmitted the complete 124 Teai Kata, the practical skills of Sakappo and the Kuden teaching for such a licence.

However, the Isshi Soden one secret, passed from father to son which was passed on to me from my teacher, Kubota Toshihiro, and which is now recorded in the Isshi Soden Jodan No Maki, will be passed on to only one or two people. This Jodan No Maki contains the Kuden of the Ryugi, passed down from the Ganso Iso Matauemon Ryukansai Minamoto no Masatari, along with traditional Kudensho from Kubota Shihanke and myself. It also contains the Gokui Gohon Kuden Kata which is only passed on to one or two people and is never received outside of this scroll.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to congratulate my son Lee Masters Menkyo Kaiden Shihan for this historically unique achievement.

Paul Masters Shike
President of the Tenyokai International For Tenjin Shinyo Ryu JuJutsu Kobudo